king white taha

13-آذر-1402 / خواندن 2 دقیقه

White Taha is one of the most noble and popular king in movies. He has a lot of power and his nickname is the Jedi King. He is a smart and strong Jedi who eats enemies with a lightsaber. White taha is good for the country and its people. He wants to be the greatest of the land, with the name of the land of matchless chiefs or the land of the matchless.

White taha has made his way to high ranks by having very powerful commanders and people. He has an army of 1 million and having 90 skilled commanders who kill 100 people each. He is known as very powerful and legendary. He was adamant and wanted people to live in peace and tranquility. For his strategies, he also had high-ranking advisors such as (topoy Advisor), but he alone had all the techniques, including strategy, strength, sword skills, astrology, and natural science. . White taha has a lot of military equipment, including various ships and its big white castle.



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